Here at Marpol, we watched with interest the recent media coverage of Paul Smart. Mr Smart, a business owner, sat at home and watched a live CCTV feed from his home as his business was being burgled [see the coverage here]. Despite calling the police as he watched the offence happening, Mr Smart was informed that they were too busy to attend until the next day.

The footage raises questions of how organisations can protect their premises at a time when police forces are increasingly under resourced. We are hearing many similar stories where the police are simply unable to assist victims of crime in a timely fashion. Marpol Security can help plug that gap. Our “Smarter Security” initiative enables businesses to protect their premises, equipment and intellectual property more effectively. In the circumstances portrayed in the BBC link above, our 24/7 CCTV monitoring team would have activated an on-site manned response from a trained and licensed security officer who would have attended the site promptly. Allow us to give you peace of mind.

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