Our fully licenced guards will act as a visual deterrent against crime at your premises. Mobile Supervisors in our marked patrol vehicles will perform inspections inside and outside the building as required. Regular visits will be made to your premises at random times throughout the agreed period. This makes it impossible for anyone who is monitoring the building to predict when Mobile Supervisors will arrive on site. Furthermore Marpol Security can offer additional onsite services at these regular patrols such as the checking and monitoring of equipment.


Installing CCTV at your premises not only protects your premises from crime, but it may reduce your insurance costs and provides added security for your staff. We offer a tailored solution to protect your assets. Marpol Security can provide you with a bespoke CCTV package that includes installation and ongoing monitoring services to provide you with 24 hour, 7 day a week security coverage. CCTV monitoring is a hassle free, high impact security option that can act as a first line response, meaning we can deploy response officers or alert the police if necessary.



Our SIA Licenced security officers can provide you with on-site security, concierge services and night watch security as well as manned guarding for one off events. Our officers are given site specific training in relation to your premises and are supported by a 24 hour control room where we register regular check calls from each site. From commercial security to public sector safeguarding, our complete range of manned guarding services are delivered by fully trained and qualified individuals.


By safeguarding a set of keys to your property, Marpol Security are on call to handle any emergency situations that might occur 24 hours a day. Relieve individual members of staff from the pressure and responsibility of key holding and responding to emergency situations. Once you’ve put the safety of your keys into our hands, we will respond to any alarm call, complete external checks to safeguard against criminal damage, attend to any emergencies and ensure the overall safety of your building and staff. You have a duty of care to all your staff, we would work with you to address any Corporate Responsibility concerns.




Allow Marpol Security to provide a locking and unlocking service at your premises and sit back with confidence knowing your property is secure and being attended to by one of our licenced officers. In the evening we will ensure that windows and internal doors are secure whilst also attending to appliances such as lights, printers and air conditioning if required. A mobile patrol officer will attend the premises in the morning to unlock the building and ensure these appliances are switched back on.


Sleep easy knowing our fully licensed and insured security officers will attend to any out of hours alarm activation at your premises. Trained to attend to this type of situation, our officers will respond to incidents meaning you and your staff are not put at risk. The protection of your staff will be an important factor against any threat and our Patrolling Supervisors will be the primary point of contact to any call out. Proceeding with caution to preserve evidence in the event of a break-in or damage to the property, our officers will provide you with a detailed report including the cause of the activation, action taken and official references.




As the public face of your business, a professional concierge is fundamental to your customer service. At Marpol, we pride ourselves in supplying businesses with concierge and front of house services that represents your business to the highest standard. Our concierge services also provide the reassurance of being able to call upon our 24/7 response team, offering full peace of mind as to the security of your premises.


A security risk assessment will help to determine the exact security measures required to effectively protect your staff and premises from a whole host of security threats. At Marpol Security we will conduct a compliance audit in relation to security provisions or mandates required by your industry, as well as evaluating criminal activity within your local area. Our bespoke risk assessment incorporates an image based record and recommendations which will address security requirements holistically.




When a property is left vacant it becomes vulnerable to opportunists, arson attacks, squatters, theft and vandalism. Our void property security services can be tailor made to your requirements. We offer regular mobile patrols, CCTV surveillance, alarm response, boarding up and locksmith services. We’ll check for physical damage or theft to the outside of the building and damage or illegal entrance to the inside. We’ll also remove mail and read utility metres as necessary.


In recent times, Fire Wardens have become a fixture at residential buildings across the country. As the dangers of fire have become tragically apparent, Fire Marshals have become commonplace to ensure resident safety. Our fully trained Fire Marshals and Supervisors are qualified to manage such risks effectively. At Marpol, our Fire Wardens are specifically recruited to provide a professional and reassuring presence in any premises.