We are receiving an increasing number of instructions from landlords for Marpol to provide concierge services at their premises. Let’s examine the main reasons why:

1 A familiar face. Residents are happy to pay a premium for the reassurance of having a friendly face at the door each and every day. Higher rentals equate to better yields.

2 A point of contact. Tenants get disillusioned with faceless landlords. A concierge is likely to be your only client facing employee. Make sure it’s the right one!

3 Your “eyes on the ground”. A concierge will provide vital feedback on every aspect of the premises, especially tenant satisfaction.

4 A deterrent. The mere presence of a concierge deters tenants from creating a nuisance, without the concierge having to lift a finger. Nuisance can decimate the attractiveness of any premises.

5 A rapid response. Police resources are becoming more and more stretched. They simply do not have the time to respond to complaints of nuisance. Court processes such as eviction take months, if not years. A man on the ground can respond in seconds!